Lines of Duty, Archive on 4


The extraordinary untold story of a very British hero. A man called Reg, who risked his life and liberty to save Britain’s railways. The secret document he leaked became known as Britain’s Pentagon Papers - and what started out as an attempt to expose the truth soon became a fight for the freedom of the press.


Fifty years on, Lines of Duty tells the incredible story using the whistleblower’s own unpublished account, brought to life by actor Toby Jones, alongside interviews with many of those involved.

Presented by railway historian and broadcaster Tim Dunn, this remarkable tale lifts the lid on the world of Government secrets, espionage and an undercover fightback by a group of railway enthusiasts.


Presented by Tim Dunn
Produced by Phil Higginson
Original music by Brollyman


With contributions from Chris Dawson, Ian Yearsley, Chris Bushell, Leslie Huckfield, Colin Hope, Diane Drummond and Lord Faulkner of Worcester.


A Yellow Barrels / Terrier Production for BBC Radio 4